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About Us

Owners Midwest Embroidery & Screen Printing (A 911 Outlet Company) was added to our business lineup in 2011. We decided to expand our business to keep our custom orders in house, and to offer a better service to our company.

911 Outlet was established in 2004 as a public safety and apparel business, with its focus on Police, Fire & EMS agencies along with other support agencies that work along side them.

In February of 2007, Jonathan Dassow,the company's founder and owner, took the 911 Outlet to the next level,by incorporating the company, and adding firearms and ammunition to their already extensive product line.

911 Outlet, Inc. has continued to stay strong and has been looking for ways to better serve their current customers, and provide an even more efficient product and service. When the opportunity presented itself to acquire Midwest Embroidery & Screen Printing, it only made sense, thus providing a solution to be more efficient to our current customers as well as to future customers.

Midwest Embroidery & Screen Printing had been previously owned and operated for about 6 years prior to our acquisition and specialized in outfitting Fire and Police Departments with custom apparel and designs. Since the acquisition we have been able to combine the companies to work hand in hand with each other and provide service and products that few companies can offer under the same roof.

Midwest Embroidery & Screen Printing continues to be the choice for consumers and businesses, whether you need 1 shirt or 100 shirts we will make sure you and your clohing will look great!

Midwest Embroidery & Screen Printing IS "The Choice of Professionals"
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